Had the opportunity to interview and film this video with Academy Award nominated actress Debra Winger in May. If you’ve been following Citizens United and the recent Hobby Lobby Case you might be interested to watch.

She was awesome and this issue is at the root of most problems.

Migrant worker issues focus of UMass grad's film project →

Story about my upcoming Fulbright project in Mexico City. I will post updates to this blog in a few weeks. 

My friend Anna at Blackball Universe Gallery in Oakland. 

Getting nostalgic now that I’m moving soon.

The hulk Mark Ruffalo in Detroit today rallying against the city’s water shut-offs. Can’t punish poverty by denying rights. #nn14

Some production stills of my short film I directed a few weeks ago.








but feeling good.

Pictured here, Top floating head (me)

Middle, Production Assistant Laura 

Bottom, DP: Weber Shih, Script Supervisor: Sara Soka, Camera Assistant: Jerome Stolly Sound: Siera Sinclair 

During lunch today I decided to document my anger toward the current Supreme Court over the years in this handy line graph.

Going through some pictures today.

this is somewhere in Nebraska 



Sitting is the Smoking of the Current Generation…VIDEO

New resolution: stand on the tube.

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