Constant Puyo

White Silhouette, circa 1903

Gum bichromate print

From Impressionist Camera: Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918

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Ethics of Traveling

If Voltaire were still around to tell the story of globalization, two of his principal character types would be the enlightened, transnational citizen of the world and his imbecilic twin, the tourist.” - KEN JOHNSON, New York Times

Behold, Cannibal Tours directed by Dennis O’ Rourke. An uncomfortable watch about tourism in the Sepik River area in Papau New Guinea. 

I saw this and several other films like Enjoy Poverty by Renzo Martens in a visual ethnography of film class at Ibero University I had the opportunity to attend this week as an oyente (auditor).

I also finished reading both The Circuit by Francisco Jiménez and Poetics by Aristotle, among several other research articles related to my project including this fantastic report by Centro De Los Derechos Del MigrantePICKED APART: The Hidden Struggles Of Migrant Worker Women In The Maryland Crab Industry. 

It has been a productive week but I am left with a lot of questions about the ethics of travel, documentary, work, and the promises of which are kept for some levels of society and broken for most others.

And then there is this.


A beautiful animated story about the importance of storytelling by @brainpickings

This Is a ‘Pivotal Moment’ for the Movement to Remove Big Money From Politics →

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Mexico City

So here I am in the world’s second largest city.

It has been crazy these past two weeks but also -

Busy. Fun. Exciting. Weird. Tacos. Chiliquiles. Colors. Lucha Libre. Embarrassing. Wonderful. Warm. 

And now it’s time to start my work under my Fulbright fellowship.

In order to keep my schedule straight and remain on this autodidact course to complement my project, I hope to write every Sunday about what I’m reading about and working on. It will be a mix of fiction, films, Mexico-based narrative and cultural reads, and migration politics and news.

To begin I read the book Graciela No One’s Child last week recommended by my good friend Sarah Wentworth (who by the way is doing an amazing comic here).

The book is a powerful story of one woman’s journey to find her real family. When she was a baby she was given up by her birth mother to a woman who subjected her to abuse and later forced her to work on the streets of Mexico City as a peanut vendor. During this time she also met Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Mistral who would give her weekly reading lessons.  Somehow Grace manages to keep her dreams alive despite the challenges of her upbringing and eventually finds her real family (and writes this memoir!)


This week I have been exploring works by filmmaker, artist, actor, guru, (among a dozen other occupations), Alejandro Jodorwsky.

I watched Santa Sangre, which you can watch in full at the link below, a fucked up but wonderful avant-garde film about a boy who grows up in the circus and navigates the unfortunate circumstances of his youth. The film itself is a surreal nightmare, moments were unbearable to watch, however at the end you’re delivered a sense of closure that allows you to walk away and feel at peace with the film. Honestly I’m going to need a few days to fully digest it and write about this one. 

image «« watch it here.

I have also begun diving into Poetics by Aristotle. This book essentially lays the foundation for all storytelling, so I thought it would be appropriate to start off my Fulbright project reading it.

until next week. x


Werner Herzog’s No-Bullshit Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers and Creative Entrepreneurs

Need this book.

Had the opportunity to interview and film this video with Academy Award nominated actress Debra Winger in May. If you’ve been following Citizens United and the recent Hobby Lobby Case you might be interested to watch.

She was awesome and this issue is at the root of most problems.

Migrant worker issues focus of UMass grad's film project →

Story about my upcoming Fulbright project in Mexico City. I will post updates to this blog in a few weeks. 

My friend Anna at Blackball Universe Gallery in Oakland. 

Getting nostalgic now that I’m moving soon.

The hulk Mark Ruffalo in Detroit today rallying against the city’s water shut-offs. Can’t punish poverty by denying rights. #nn14

Some production stills of my short film I directed a few weeks ago.








but feeling good.

Pictured here, Top floating head (me)

Middle, Production Assistant Laura 

Bottom, DP: Weber Shih, Script Supervisor: Sara Soka, Camera Assistant: Jerome Stolly Sound: Siera Sinclair